I'm a blog lurker. I read blogs constantly. Then I find myself in funny moments and think "I can post that on my Twitter or my Facebook." Except I'm wordy and Twitter would require the posting of eleventy billion tweets and most people on my Facebook could care less about my yarn problem, my sewing issues or my knitting dilemmas. So I decided my own blog would need to be born. So welcome to my own little blog! I hope to write about my adventures untangling the various things in my life. This will be an ongoing process. I manage to get a lot of things tangled. I'm not a good planner.

I can set goals, sure. But I pretty much hate to make solid plans. Solid plans = Obligations. Obligations = I'm guaranteed to be stressed and no longer interested in said plans. So I make it up as I go. And then things get Tangled. In my mind, Tangled = Fun.

For instance, yesterday I had some free time. So I bought new sewing machine needles to make liners for the crocheted bags I made, oh FOREVER ago. I was excited, dragged out the sewing machine, my box o' thread, the cutting mat, the rotary cutter, the iron, the ironing board, fabric, bags, etc. I even grabbed the trusty laptop with Futuregirl's amazing tutorial. I used my worksheet to measure the bag, measured and cut my fabric (after ironing the gazillion wrinkles) and threaded my machine. I was off! I got the whole way done, stuck it in the bag and somehow my Tangled little brain was 3/4" inch off on the liner. It doesn't fit. Luckily it's the sides, so I can cheat and fold it again and just resew the top seam. But in my typical fashion, I figured out a way to correct the problem, cleaned up the mess I'd made of our living room/dining room and tackled my WIP area instead. I'm happy to report that I untangled 4 messes of leftover yarn and was able to successfully put those away. The liner still is sitting on my dining room table staring at me, but at least my yarn area is clean!

OTN: a poison green messenger bag destined to be felted, a hibernating hat, and a Holden shawlette from Sharp Pointy Sticks (she's wearing it in the photo) and in my crochet bag is a scrubbie dishcloth and a wedding gift afghan from a wedding that occurred in December 2010 (I might be a little late but someone told me once you have a year for wedding gifts, and I'm holding onto that)


futuregirl said…
Welcome to the world of craft blogging! I drag projects on much longer than they need to be, too, so I understand you completely. I'm sure that lining will get sewn in eventually. :) xoxo!

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