Sock insanity continues

I am making quick progress of my sock. I finished the cuff, the heel flap, the turning of the heel, which went marvelously, the gusset and I'm almost done with the foot. Just toe decreases and grafting and my first ever sock with be complete. I didn't pick up my stitches right, but since I mirrored my mistake on both sides, it doesn't count (that's what I was told anyway, so I'm going with it). I was so excited I even bought new sock yarn today so I can make the boyfriend socks! Luckily his feet are only slightly bigger than mine so I only have to add 8 stitches to the total and an extra inch on the foot. The greatest part? He wants shorter cuffs!! I'll be finishing my first pair first though. I should have the rest of Sock 1 done tomorrow and will hopefully get to cast on Sock 2!! Once those are done I can start on his. I'm super excited and now wondering why I waited so long to catch the sock bug!!

Of course that means my other projects are sitting on my end table in a rather sloppy pile waiting for me to gain interest in them again. The sad part is there is very little left to complete them all!! I'll continue working on them and post pictures as soon as they are done!


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