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Moving is never fun

Due to various reasons, The Boyfriend and I are moving out of our apartment this month. Our lease is up on November 30. He's moving in with a friend for awhile and I will be living back with my parents for awhile. Sigh. I love my parents. Really. They are awesome people. Most of the time I like them as well as love them. But that doesn't mean that I want to live with them again. Luckily for me, they are going to be letting me stay to help me get my finances back in order. So I am grateful. Really. But this also means that we are dividing up some stuff in the apartment to try and find appropriate storage. It's just been stressful.

I hate packing and I hate moving.

One of the worse parts about this? I currently have stuff in two places again since I started moving stuff to my parents little by little as it gets packed up. So I don't really know where everything is right now. And the problem with that is I like gift knitting. Half of my yarn stuff is still at the apartme…