I posted a few days ago about the wonderful box of goodies my godmother brought me. Last night I decided I needed to cast on a new project. But first I needed to wind yarn. I have a yarn winder, but I don't have a swift. While the boyfriend is good at helping me be creative enough to use my winder without a swift, he's a bit ADD and it ends up becoming a Tangled mess. So last night I decide to try out the The Handy Adjustable Yarn Skein Winder in place of a swift. My mechanic boyfriend has a box of all types of bolts and screws and miscellaneous hardware, so he found a screw that would work. And I got to use it and wind my yarn without any Tangles at all!!! It's my new favorite thing and I had to stop myself from winding all of my yarn just because I could.  



Janda said…
You make me smile! I know the feeling when something goes so smoothly.
Thanks, Janda! I have loved what I have read of your blog. I need to catch up, but the whole "first sock insanity" has currently taken up all of my spare time. :)

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