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Things I Love

Today was a horrible day at work. In an effort to keep my New Years resolution of being Happy I decided to leave work at work and focus on better things.

Here's a list of things I absolutely love in no particular order:

1. My iPad (although I won't lie, I'd love to trade it for the brand new one)
2. Seche Vite top coat because now I can paint my nails AND still knit the same evening
3. China Glaze nail polish, particularly the color For Audrey.
4. iPad/iPhone apps that actually make life better. Like Goodreader because now I can make notes right on my knitting patterns.
5. Anything that's teal or turquoise. Or hot pink.
6. Mini Stitch dots stitch markers. (If you Iike knitting with skinny yarns and do a lot of yarn overs invest in these. They retail about $8.99 for 30 and come in a super cute case. They are worth every penny. No more lost yarn overs.)
7. Pizza and calzones.
8. Wearing my hand knit shawls.
9. Wearing my hand knit socks.
10. Knowing I have finally managed to…

Shawl Knitting

When I first started knitting a little over a year ago the only things I wanted to make were sweaters and socks. That was my whole reason for really learning to knit. I swore I could crochet anything else I wanted. But everyone knows sweaters and socks are better knit (insert sarcasm button here). In the last year I have knit exactly 0 sweaters. I have queued patterns and even bought a few. Do I have the yarn for them or even begun to cast one on? Nope.

One of the knitted items I saw everywhere but didn't see a purpose for were those fancy lacy shawls. I figured I would never wear one. Ever. They were for old ladies who couldn't ever get or stay warm. What use would I have for one?

I now have 6 completed shawls. That I wear. Almost daily. I test knit patterns for the talented Mindy Wilkes. I queue more shawls than any other pattern. I have drawers of fingering weight yarn bought only to use for knitting shawls. I even joined the group 12 shawls in 2012. And I have knit 3 shawls…