It's a sad day (week) for my socks

This week has not been good for knitting. Or crocheting. Or typing. Or really anything else that requires use of my right wrist. I went to work Monday as usual and my wrist started hurting. Hurting badly enough that I switched my mouse to my left hand and begged the use of an ice pack. I had to stop by my mom's house after work and, being that she's a mom, she strong armed me into going to the doctor. I am now clumsily typing with a brace on my right wrist due to tendinitis. Lucky for me, the culprit is supposedly my use of the computer and NOT knitting or crocheting. So I only have one lonely sock. And lots of WIPs staring at me all over my apartment. In my car too. I'm supposed to not use the right wrist for 4-5 days, wear the itchy brace and use ice and heat and ibuprofen. There are bets going on as to how long I will actually make it without knitting. Today is Day 4. And I just may break down and attempt to navigate the tiny dpns just to see if I can. Besides, if I'm wearing my brace and knitting continental, I'm not really using the wrist, right?!

So what can a knitter do when she's not allowed to knit? Well, other than pout and kick things, that is. I've been reading books that were loaned to me by coworkers and, of course, checking out new fancy yarns online. Because nothing kills time better than checking out exciting new yarn! Today was frustrating enough at work that I couldn't seem to stop my car from taking me to an LYS. Really. The car took me there. And I found some AMAZING hot pink and gray sock yarn that just jumped into my bag. It was totally a case of yarn fumes. I will post a pic as soon as The Boyfriend leaves for work. He doesn't understand yarn fumes and I haven't removed the price tag yet. I have to wait until it's been here for a few weeks before it can be unveiled and I can honestly say I've had it for "a little while" without any issues. In fact, I may not be able to stop myself from winding it the second he's out the door. There are really some great things about him working third shift sometimes...


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