Things I Love

Today was a horrible day at work. In an effort to keep my New Years resolution of being Happy I decided to leave work at work and focus on better things.

Here's a list of things I absolutely love in no particular order:

1. My iPad (although I won't lie, I'd love to trade it for the brand new one)
2. Seche Vite top coat because now I can paint my nails AND still knit the same evening
3. China Glaze nail polish, particularly the color For Audrey.
4. iPad/iPhone apps that actually make life better. Like Goodreader because now I can make notes right on my knitting patterns.
5. Anything that's teal or turquoise. Or hot pink.
6. Mini Stitch dots stitch markers. (If you Iike knitting with skinny yarns and do a lot of yarn overs invest in these. They retail about $8.99 for 30 and come in a super cute case. They are worth every penny. No more lost yarn overs.)
7. Pizza and calzones.
8. Wearing my hand knit shawls.
9. Wearing my hand knit socks.
10. Knowing I have finally managed to make an effort to keep a New Years resolution.

And a bonus? I have managed to touch/experience/whatever every single thing on my list since I left work. Yay!

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