Shawl Knitting

When I first started knitting a little over a year ago the only things I wanted to make were sweaters and socks. That was my whole reason for really learning to knit. I swore I could crochet anything else I wanted. But everyone knows sweaters and socks are better knit (insert sarcasm button here). In the last year I have knit exactly 0 sweaters. I have queued patterns and even bought a few. Do I have the yarn for them or even begun to cast one on? Nope.

One of the knitted items I saw everywhere but didn't see a purpose for were those fancy lacy shawls. I figured I would never wear one. Ever. They were for old ladies who couldn't ever get or stay warm. What use would I have for one?

I now have 6 completed shawls. That I wear. Almost daily. I test knit patterns for the talented Mindy Wilkes. I queue more shawls than any other pattern. I have drawers of fingering weight yarn bought only to use for knitting shawls. I even joined the group 12 shawls in 2012. And I have knit 3 shawls already this year that count towards my 12.

This has taught me that I should remain open about new possibilities. That just because I have a some kind of preconceived idea about something doesn't mean I can't change my mind. It's part of being furiously happy. Knitting shawls and socks make me happy. I love fingering weight yarn. So I buy it and I knit it. And even if other new knitters out there are shaking their heads at shawls right now thinking they would never have a use I issue a dare. Knit one. Just one. Find a pattern that uses your favorite wight of yarn. Buy some luxurious yarn in that weight in your favorite color and cast on. See if you don't become a convert too.

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