Zombie Apocalypse

So my boyfriend is slightly obsessed with anything zombies. Zombie movies, zombie video games, zombie anything. And if there aren't zombies involved, there should be some kind of "end of the world" vibe to it. So after many hours of watching zombie video games, zombie movies, Jeremiah and Jericho, I'm a little too concerned with what would happen if one of these end of the world type things actually occurred. I even dream about these things. It's a little frightening and I feel like maybe I need to wean myself from all things post apocalyptic, at least for a little while.

The strange thing is, I'm concerned about what we would do for normal household things. Like, who would make clothes? Who would make candles if electricity failed? Who would take care of soap and shampoo? Where would we get blankets? So my next thought is immediately ohmygodwhatabouttheyarn?!?!?! So then I start thinking I need to learn how to spin. Because then maybe I could find myself some surviving animals and I could at least make my own yarn if I had already cleaned out all of the yarn stores. And just knitting and crocheting wouldn't cut it. I would need to learn to weave too. And sew. And sew by hand in case of previously mentioned electricity issues. It's probably a little disturbing that I'm not consumed by issues of guns in the case of zombies or medication in the case of a virus. I'm concerned about the yarn. But isn't that what is really important anyway?!

It was after finding myself dazing off at work while imagining yet another of these scenarios, all the while longingly thinking of the WIP sock laying in my bag next to me, that I realized I may have graduated from knitter to Knitter. I worry about my knitting if the end of the world happens. I knit extra socks with scrap yarn to figure out whether I like a different style of heel. I watch movies and notice knitwear. I pause and rewind and pause and rewind to see if I can recognize stitch patterns on scarves and shawls and sweaters. My family and friends don't even flinch anymore when I whip out my latest project and knit away at any opportunity. Yep, I think it may be official. And I'm more than ok with that realization.


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