I now officially have a mountain of WIPs on my end table. And on my bookshelf. And in 3 tote bags. And in my purse. I have a problem. I need to finish something. Anything at this point. So far I have two lone socks. Primarily because I would rather knit a new one to change something and see if I like it, instead of making a pair I hate. I have one WIP sock for a pair for The Boyfriend that I'm forcing myself to finish because I really, really, really don't like my chosen yarn. I'm finishing instep decreases on sock 1 now, so we will see if he gets a pair. I have a super simple scarf that has been frogged twice and had multiple tinking sessions. I have a super simple messenger bag that is all stockinette that will be felted. I have multiple crochet bags and purses. I have a crochet afghan. And I just cast on a new wrap that's a little difficult because I'm actually using lace weight yarn. Oh and not to forget multiple amigurumi and hats. Oh I have a problem.

And what do I do instead of finishing something?! I cast on another dishcloth because they are quick, easy and I have something to show for it almost immediately. Tonight I'm resisting the urge to make another ADD dishcloth. Tonight I'm going to finish the instep decreases and I'm going to work on the foot of the sock. Even though the yarn sucks. And as a reward for finishing these stupid socks, I will let myself cast on my new socks in the super amazing eye searing hot pink and grey yarn I bought for myself. I'm bribing myself. It's the way it has to be. And I'm not letting myself cast them on until I have these done. I'm just not.

Am I the only one bribing myself to finish these projects that I do like, but don't like enough right now?!


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