A Furiously Happy 2012

I love New Years resolutions. Mostly I love breaking them. I don't know why. Probably because it makes me feel like I can be a rule breaker without any real consequences. Most years I make up a zillion and most never make it to midnight on New Years Day. This year I did away with all of that. My New Years resolution? Be Happy. That's it. No fanfare, no trying to fit into clothes that I wore in high school, no quitting smoking, no trying new things that scare me, etc. Just Be Happy. Or in the words of The Bloggess be Furiously Happy.

I like to think I'm doing a good job of it. I got out of a destructive relationship. I cut off 14 inches of my hair and am donating it to Locks of Love (when I manage to get around to sending it that is). I cast on new projects that I want to make just for myself instead of feeling guilty for the 10 or so WIPs I already have going. I bought an overpriced purse that was on mega sale. I took on additional responsibilities at work. I stayed up ALL night talking to someone who makes me smile. I'm being Furiously Happy. I like this me so much better. I like to think those around me like this me much better too. I'm still a Tangled mess about most things. Being Furiously Happy doesn't mean letting go of the things that make me special and unique. It just means letting that me shine.

I hope everyone who has been feeling bad about their resolutions, or who has had a nasty relationship finally go away, experienced a loss of some kind, or just needs a smile can grab a hold of this super simple idea. Just Be Happy. If it doesn't make you happy, don't do it. Well, within reason of course. You should probably still pay your taxes even though that makes no one happy. The greatest part of this? I don't have to plan it all out. No spreadsheets or To Do lists or tally sheets. I just have to find something every day to read/knit/watch/say/think that makes me ridiculously happy. Just One Thing. That's all it takes. My heart feels lighter, my WIP basket has expanded to two baskets, my inbox at work has been dwindling and my family has told me how much happier I seem. I'm pretty sure this is the best resolution EVER (to be fair I may be slightly biased.) So here's to a wonderful and happy 2012.


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