A Long Absence

I have been missing from my blog for far too long. I could give a bunch of excuses but mostly I'm lazy and since I updated my iPad to iOS 5 my blog app doesn't work and iTunes still hasn't approved the update. And I like using that app better than typing directly on the website. And my iPad is always with me and I don't always feel like finding my MacBook. So lazy I know.

Since I have been gone I have moved, I have had surgery and I have had complications from the surgery. On a good note the doctors are testing me for everything under the sun and I should have some news about the issue today. On a crappy note there is a chance I'll never be able to have children and that's as scary as it gets. So think good thoughts for me please. Prayers, if you're into that sort of thing, probably wouldn't hurt either.

One good part of being in pain and stuck either on a couch or in my bed, is that I've knit and crocheted A LOT. I need to take pictures and update Ravelry but I promise my hands haven't been idle. I'm working on finishing Christmas presents at the moment and if all goes well only a couple will be late. Once everything has been given to the proper recipients I'll post some pictures. I'm excited about my craftiness as of late. It helps me from getting too worried about all of the other nonsense that has been plaguing me the last month or so.

Now the Vicodin is kicking back in so I'm going back to staring at the tv as I work on my mindless 1x1 rib hat.


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