What to do when your knitted gifts aren't appreciated

I haven't written a blog post in what feels like forever. Work keeps getting in the way of my personal life. And I updated my iPad and now my app to write my blogs isn't behaving itself. In fact I think I've started a new blog entry at least 5 times now and every time I try to save it miraculously quits working. I love technology. Primarily because it gives me a new challenge to claw through every few days.

I've had multiple projects going on at work and although it's greatly hampered my ability to get to knit night and blog, it hasn't stopped me from knitting. I've even managed to get gift knitting completed. And better yet, given the gifts to the proper recipients. Most have been well received. But one has not. Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about the dreaded Boyfriend Socks. I love knitting socks. Really I do. I do not however like the yarn I picked for these socks. But I put my big girl pants on and finished the pair. I did complain about it any chance I got, but I did it. The Boyfriend threw a number of fits when I was working on anything but his socks. And I had him try on the first sock and wear it around. I made him give me input through the whole process. He LOVED his socks. But has he worn the dreaded socks? No. Not. One. Single. Time. And you know why? Because he's convinced they are too short and will fall down. He is doubting my superior knitting skills. He's challenging the very art of ribbing.

Since I'm a grown up, I had only a slight breakdown. Begged and pleaded that he at least try the socks. Just for a couple of hours. Nope. He knows everything. And they won't work for him. So I took them and wore them all day. And did my ribbing fail? Even the tiniest little bit? Of course it did not fail. Because I am a Knitter. And people, any Knitter can do a basic 2 x 2 rib on a cuff of a sock. Did that convince him? Nope. So I now have a new pair of socks. And you will be proud to know I didn't strangle him with them. Or gag him with them. Or fill them with nickels and beat him with them while he slept (yes, I've obviously thought about these things.)

But the true gall was when he asked me to knit him another pair. This time make them taller. Am I convinced the effort will be worth it? Not a chance. So while he thinks he's getting another pair of socks, really I'm making them so they will fit either of us. So when he inevitably refuses these new ones for some ridiculous reason, I'll just smile and wear them myself. I'll be smiling while I come up with new punishments for asking for things he won't use.


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