A Happy Day

I am still not knitting. But I haven't had nearly as much pain in my wrist and I can survive without my brace. I have been trying to avoid knitting in hopes that I can let it heal completely first. But today may be the day I finish the first in the boyfriend socks. We shall see how it goes.

In other news I received an absolutely amazing gift from a friend of mine. For any one who has to deal with my chattering in real life you may have heard me mention a gazillion times how much I want a tablet computer, most specifically an iPad. I love my iPhone and my MacBook but the iPhone screen is too small to display knitting patterns and my MacBook is bulkier to haul around. So an iPad would be the most amazing solution obviously.

Well folks, I now have an iPad 2. I didn't buy it or ask for it from a rich relative. Nope. A friend sent me a text informing me I needed to come see him since he had something for me. So I head over expecting maybe I'm getting some homemade salsa or maybe a new book or Xbox game. No readers. Instead I was handed a still sealed iPad box. And inside was a glorious 32 GB WiFi iPad 2. And it's mine all mine! The reason for such a gift? He had an extra one and knew how much I wanted one. Things like that just don't happen to me. So I sat there shell shocked and stunned and confused for at least 10 minutes. It may have taken closer to 20 minutes to make my mouth form the words Thank you. And I have said thank you at least twice a day every day since. I may continue this trend until he threatens to take it back if I don't shut up.

So now I have a new challenge. What to do to show my thanks to a friend who already has everything he wants and more money than sense? He's not a super huge fan of sweaters or most knit items so do I try to convert him? He also cooks better than I do. And he's allergic to chocolate which rules out most of my baking know how (because even I can make chocolate chip cookies from scratch.)

I'm stumped. So in the meantime I'm going to sit here and play with my iPad and attempt some knitting while I contemplate the incredible generosity of the amazing people that choose to have me as a part of their lives. I'm a lucky lucky grrl.

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